[9:07:33 PM] { Spider } P A R K E R ;: but i just stiles and allison’s wedding probably wasn’t fancy or big even though they could have compelled everything they wanted. they probably went for something small, just close friends and family. maybe it was an outside wedding under one of those white tents and allison didn’t wear shoes because the grass felt nice and stiles didn’t dress up too much he wore a suit, but his tie was lose and he didn’t have his jacket and she probably whispered that he looked like a mess but it was kinda hot and when she got up there he put a crown on her head that he did compel because she is his queen and he thinks that a crown def. says that more than a ring, even though he obviously gave her both. and even though it was small and there wasn’t a lot to it, it was still the most beautiful thing any of them had ever seen



AU: Stiles can’t sleep at night after Malia left him in the vault so he calls Lydia to come over.

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Anonymous asked:
odd request but can you write a stackson headcanon that's shippy?

yes of course, tbh i love the idea of this ship i wanna rp all the stackson things and i always like writing ship headcanons so here we go, sorry if it’s crappy.

there was one day when Stiles woke up and was like hey breakfast would be cool and he just really wanted apple jacks but the problem was he didn’t have any milk and instead of going to buy some he drove to a diner in town that he knew had apple jacks and he ran into Jackson. Really what was a better way to start the day then to eat awesome cereal and bother the fuck outta Jackson right? So much to Jackson’s obvious annoyance Stiles sat down at his table and kept talking with his mouth full just saying shit like “apple jacks are my favorite, oh my god this is amazing i just wanna taste apple jacks all day.” and a few weeks later this little encounter had pretty much been forgotten until Stiles saw him again and was just like “Sup apple jacks.” and Scott was there and he just thought Stiles was trying to be funny so he kind of laughed but Jackson was 100% sure Stiles was hitting on him or implying something dirty and he was hella frustrated about it all day wondering if he was reading too much into it.

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      ▊      ————       ⊰♔

                                 ❝ You’re staring at me. Do I have something
                                     on my face? ❞

      “      Oh, no, nope it’s nothing.”

      “       I think I’m just going to go.”



"—— Something wrong?" 

      “Other than this town? No, nothing.”

      “      Not now.”