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like for a small starter?

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           I’d rather DIE

                            than give you CONTROL .


ofnoblesort asked: that's dirty

[ meme ]

[ No. 20 ]

               [ and yes he’s shamelessly checking out her ass when she bends over to grab who cares what because really, ]

      “    Damn, that ass.”

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Send me "that’s dirty" and I will generate a number for what my muse will say to yours.

Sexual Sunday NSFW special, they’re all suggestive, but don’t have to be responded to in a NSFW manner.


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       ”There is a good chance I’d help you if I felt this was actually an important issue.”

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           An amused smile spread across her lips. ”For ladies, Stiles.” She shook her head and glanced down at the book in his hands. Never before had she heard someone claim sewing was distracting. “My apologizes. I forgot I’m supposed to spend all my time paying attention to what you’re doing and not what I am. Is the book enjoyable?”

      “Yeah, I know.” Cue a roll of his eyes, really did she need to be so irritating? He knows, she’s really not he’s just being a little more than dramatic in his own head. “Quite careless of you to forget something so important, honestly. It’s a nice tale.” There’s a good chance he doesn’t even know what the book in his hands is about.



      “Then don’t watch.”

       ”Ah, I’m not sure that’s going to be possible.”



      “There’s not enough space in my room to do yoga— I have to do it out here.”

       ”I was out here first and I don’t feel like moving, and I don’t feel like watching you do yoga.”



               ”Stiles, I am just sitting here, sewing. I fail to see how that is very distracting from… well whatever it is that you’re doing.”


      “Sewing is for-” Ladies. Right. Which is not something one could ever say Sansa was not. “Oh, whatever it’s distracting. I’m trying to read, if you had proper eyes you could see that.”